Vermont Power Grid: It Wasn’t Russia, It Was a Russian


The Washington Post recently retracted a “story” claiming that Russians hacked the U.S. power grid with a virus that was found in a Vt. electric company laptop.

New information now shows that a Russian, not “Russia,” did actually hack (sorta) Vermont’s electric power grid though. However, it wasn’t done with a virus. It was done via Drago. Yes Ivan Drago, from the movie Rocky IV, whose punches pack an astonishing 2,150 PSI.

Drago literally (maybe) punched his way through finally hacking (is possible) into the Vermont power grid. Drago then went on to try and change the date that Trump could be sworn into office, it is speculated by the Obama administration, (definitely speculation, no evidence if this is even possible… yet).

Democrats are urging an investigation into Ivan Drago’s punching power that punched into the U.S. power grid. Many say this has all of the markings of a Donald J. Trump connection as Trump Tower itself uses a large amount of electricity.

For more information on the Trump and Russian connection, click here.

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